How Much Do Online Casinos’ Gaming Catalogues Differ?

There are so many online casinos with great game selections for their players. Most online casinos typically pick from some of the biggest game developers to create their catalogues. For online casinos setting up your game catalogue is one of the essential steps to creating an amazing player experience.

Having the best selection in the games gives players an unforgettable gambling experience. To answer the question of how much do online casino gaming catalogues differ: below we will look at how to create your game catalogue for your online casino. We will also look at some top-rated game providers.

Popular Casino Game Providers

In addition to the complete guide to new online casinos UK, we will look at three popular game providers. Please note they’re in no particular order.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is famous for its live dealer games and card games. The company was formed in 2006 and managed to create quite the name for itself in the gambling industry. This company works to succeed with operators by creating solutions to meet any type of demand. They produce the highest quality products to ensure operators succeed in the gaming industry. Evolution Gaming also complies with any types of rules and regulations set in the market, aiming to take the lead as a gaming provider.


NetEnt is popular for its card and table games. They’re also creators of slots and variants of roulette. They have some of the most well-designed games and have established a big name in the gaming industry. NetEnt has been around since 1996.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is famous for its slots, live dealer games, lottery, card games and other popular casual games. This company was founded in 2015 and has Studios with offices in Europe, South America and Asia. Pragmatic Play is known for its premium product portfolio and has taken the iGaming industry by storm.

Creating Your Online Casino Game Catalogue

We have already mentioned the different software providers you can look into using. Now we’ll take a step further and look at the step-by-step process of creating a gaming catalogue.

Choose Reliable Software Providers

For online casinos finding high-quality gaming software is a crucial step because this assists with setting up. You need to have a great deal with a trusted software provider. You can evaluate everything for yourself regarding pricing and the security features present.

Since, in this case, we’re dealing with the game catalogue, you need to pay special attention to the gaming content. Certifications and technical support are other essential things that should come with the package.

Select Your Verticals

Verticals are the categories that are used for the games. The most common verticals are Live Casino, Casino, Lotto, Bingo and Keno. Once you have decided on which verticals you want to use. You can now think of which games you will incorporate into each vertical. Always remember to keep up with the latest software and games.

Select The Themes

The most popular themes are Ancient Egypt, Space, Fruit, Greek mythology, Norse mythology, the Wild West, Roman mythology and Asian. These are all Common themes for slots. Knowing your target market when creating or selecting these themes is essential. For example, Asian-themed slots commonly appeal to players culturally connected to Asia. It’s important to diversify when it comes to themes.

Consider the User Experience (UX)

User experience refers to the ease of navigating your site. The game catalogue should be easy to navigate and understand. Many online casinos will divide the games into themes, such as ‘New releases’ and ‘Hot Picks’. However, you choose to divide them creates an appeal to players.

Know the Type of Customer You Want to Attract

Your game catalogue will determine what types of players are likely to visit your online casino lobby. You must research the audiences to select the games for different target demographics. In slots, “fruities” have always been very popular and remain the favourite of most players.

Games Should Be Visually Attractive

Ensure that good graphics represent the games on the site because players now understand the quality of the visuals, especially when it comes to slots. Go for sophistication to appeal to a broader market. NetEnt is famous for creating some visually great slots.

Are They Different?

When it comes to a gaming catalogue, simplicity is key, nothing like creating a nuclear weapon or conquering an alien world. Now to answer the question of if gaming catalogues differ, we will say yes. However, most online casinos will likely use the same software providers, verticles and themes. They are likely to select different games when creating their collection. We believe the games determine how different and exciting each online casino is from the next.

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