Top 8 video games popular among students

Video games help students to relax after a long day in class. It is also a resource to socialize with friends and peers during parties or when passing the time. Most games offer multiple players, but you also have a chance to play with a virtual opponent.

The choice of a video game will depend on personal preference. The easy availability of such resources as gaming consoles, tablets, phones, laptops, and screens also pushes students to pick one game over another. Here are the 8 most popular video games among college students.

1. Assassin’s Creed

The game has attracted a lot of criticism because of its plot. It is built on an ancient battle where the opponents are battling between peace and unrestrained choices. You can someone do my homework online while I play video games? Writing services will take over the assignment while you enjoy gaming with friends or virtual opponents.

The plot involves a Templar whose philosophical goal is to control the world. Gamers rated the console version of the game highly. The game also offers excellent rewards, making it even more attractive to amateur gamers.

2. Battlefield 1

The game belongs to the first-person shooting category. It is built in World War 1, where you must eliminate your opponents to advance. Slow shooting, poor aiming, and inadequate defense will get you eliminated.

Battlefield 1 offers multiple player options, allowing you to enjoy time with peers and friends. You have to communicate with your teammates for cover and to attack the opponent effectively. It is one of the best choices during parties and social gatherings.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

The game is also abbreviated GTA-5. It has been one of the best ranked games since it was released in 2013. The developers have continued to improve the experience by providing a new world with every series. It also offers different vehicles for each environment.

GTA-5 allows you to play alone or with friends. You can enjoy the most recent release in Los Santos City. It also gives you a choice of a city setting as well as a forest or rural environment. Playing this exciting game will place you at the top of the student’s profile.

4. Dragon Age

Dragon Age is unique because it offers a player the chance to create your environment. You can select a faith as well as a storyline. It is designed for solo players. As a reward, you have endless game content to try out.

5. Super Smash Brothers

Many games have come after Super Smash Brothers, but it has maintained its popularity despite the onslaught. It has, therefore, gained a large following among students. It allows students to play games that they engage in regularly, like drinking. Women will also love the game. Interestingly, the death of a character will bring cheers, making it an exciting choice.

6. Call of Duty

The game involves first-person shooting where CIA and British forces team up to save a fictional country called Urzikstan. It features a lot of random explosions and bursts. You have to escape collapsing buildings and other fighting soldiers to survive.

7. Elders Scrolls

You will love the game because of its rich graphics. It also offers endless options when building a character. It is one of the best video games for students to relax and learn.

8. League of Legends

It is a battle arena featuring third-person players. It also offers multiplayer options that will spice your party. The average session will last 30-60 minutes. LOL is one of the most popular video games during tournaments.

Video games help students to relax after a tough study session. Most games can be played on a phone, tablet, or laptop with single or multiple players. Get help with homework to enable you to create time to play video games without missing homework deadlines.


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