80 for Brady: Eagerly Awaited Comedy Set for US Release

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  • Seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has achieved a great deal in the NFL, and by all accounts, as evidenced by his signed contract, the 45-year-old will move on to becoming a TV analyst with Fox once he calls time on his playing career, but before then he appears to be looking to test out his acting skills.

    The all-conquering quarterback is the subject of an upcoming sports comedy starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field as a group of older ladies traveling to see their hero, Tom Brady, play in the 2017 Super Bowl.

    Brady is one of the movie’s producers as well as effectively the ‘star’ of the show, albeit playing a supporting role on screen. One wonders if the hugely successful NFL star has what it takes to impress on the big screen though one imagines that given the fact he’ll be playing himself, you’d hope he’d be competent enough when going head-to-head with the supremely talented actors in the production.

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    Veteran Oscar winner Jane Fonda recently opened up on her experience with working alongside Brady and did so in typically honest fashion, stating;

    “Tom Brady, I think he went into all of our trailers individually,”

    “And when he walked into my trailer at the end, my knees gave way.”

    “I had to hold onto something. I mean, he is gorgeous. He is so gorgeous.”

    Fonda went on praise Brady’s generosity;

    “Tom was so gracious when he first came on the set to buy lunch.”

    “It was the first time he went to each of our trailers, which were our dressing rooms, and he introduced himself as though we didn’t know who he was.”

    “But again, a true gentleman. He was gracious. And I had one of those huge football sweatshirts waiting for him because my nephew is an enormous fan, and he was so gracious. And [Tom] wrote on it for him, and my nephew now has that on the wall in a frame. [Tom] just has very good manners like that.”

    Brady’s role in the film, and the production itself, was apparently supposed to be far more substantial as he had briefly retired from the game. However, his involvement was reduced once it became clear he had some unfinished business to take care of at the Raymond James Stadium.

    Tom Brady will hope that the film’s release will be as successful as his playing career and will hope that his Tampa Bay side is still in play-off contention when it’s released on February 3rd, nine days before Super Bowl LVII.

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