Why Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Worth Any Video Gamer’s Time



Have you ever played Legend of Zelda? Gamers who own a Nintendo 64 would be familiar with this legendary series. In Legend of Zelda, you’ll be controlling a character named Link (not Zelda). Your job is to save the princess, Zelda, from the clawing fists of Ganon.

Since then, there have been a total of 18 game titles from the Zelda series released by Nintendo, spread for various consoles he created, such as the NES, NDS, Gameboy, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, to the newest Nintendo Switch.

The return of The Legend of Zelda game in this modern era was not made carelessly by Nintendo. ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ comes as a AAA (blockbuster) game project, with a large map, open world, more detailed visuals, and HD UI.

This game’s launch coincided with the Switch device’s release on March 3, which then amazed the players.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received excellent reviews from various media outlets, with Metacritic giving it 97 out of 100 ratings, IGN giving it a 10 out of 10, Eurogamer 5 out of 5, Gamespot 10 out of 10, Polygon 10 out of 10, and GamesRadar 5 out of 5. All of them unanimously admit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games of all time.

Breath of the Wild beat reviews from one of the most anticipated games in 2017, namely Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4. Apart from Switch, Breath of the Wild was also released on Wii U.

The storyline, gameplay and visual details are strong factors in getting praise from critics and players. In this game, as usual, Link will collect various items, talk to characters encountered on the way, solve puzzles, and fight against enemies. On the visual side, Breath of the Wild offers a beautiful view of the Kingdom of Hyrule. The visuals of Breath of the Wild retain the hallmarks of Nintendo games but with better detail and dynamics.

Last April, sales of the game Breath of the Wild even surpassed the Switch device itself. In the United States, the game has sold up to 1.3 million copies for the Switch and Wii U. This makes Breath of the Wild the fastest-selling Nintendo game title in history.

Players can download the game from the Nintendo official store they can access right out of their Switch. Although, please note that since the game is already launched years before, the price is still pretty stable. Another thing that is important to have high speed, private VPN to download the game completely. But don’t worry; as long as you have a fast connection, it will take little time.

What’s Best About Breath of The Wild

First of all, Zelda BOTW’s graphical capabilities on the Nintendo Switch are 720p in handheld mode and 900p when docked to a TV. When played in handheld mode, the graphics look bright, but when there are lots of particles on the screen, it will block the player’s view from seeing long distances.

This doesn’t happen in sunny weather; it only happens in foggy rain or snowfall. This does not happen in TV mode because the player can set TV mode to Full Range RGB, producing very clear graphics and colours.

The World

As an open-world game, Zelda BOTW allows players to explore the entire map without any obstacles. The only obstacles that exist are monsters and also barriers to going up to the tower or to the shrine. Given this freedom, players can strengthen themselves or directly fight the boss of the famous Zelda game, Ganon.

It is recommended to visit the existing shrine to strengthen your character and get strong equipment and gear. You’ll be given a stone in each shrine to upgrade your health bar and stamina. Players are free to choose which option they want to take.

Overall the map is huge and contains lots of empty spaces and mountains. To complete this game completely (100% run), it takes more than 40 hours of in-game time.


In terms of gameplay, BOTW brings a theme like a hack and slash with the addition of a unique mechanism. For example, parry to reflect enemy attacks and flurry attacks.

The combat mechanism is easy to learn because the controls provided are not too difficult for an RPG. The cooking feature is also very helpful for progress in the game because the results of cooking can help increase stats or provide resistance to cold, heat, or shock.

The challenge is also added with the super difficult main quest as well as special quests and side quests that help increase the level of difficulty in the game. Based on experience, with the freedom to explore all maps without exception, the difficulty curve feels unstable because players need to be given instructions on where to go.


Zelda BOTW is not an easy game, but the more players try to progress, the more satisfying the results will be. Players can get classic swords and shields in Zelda, Master Sword and Hylian Shield games if players try their best to reach the place where these weapons are.

Players can view guides for equipment and gear locations, and what’s more, the players can also conquer the most difficult shrines and also the very, very difficult dungeon of the Four Beasts. We won’t spoil it; let the players try it for themselves to experience how satisfying it is to beat the hardest content in this game.

This game has a super realistic environment with acceptable weather and physics laws. Rainy weather affects slippery and muddy roads. As Link walked out in the rain, there was a sound of splashing water every time Link set foot.

Link can also freeze and freeze to death. He can also die drowning. Everything that players can expect is in this game.