HBO’s “Ballers” Analysis – Do Sports Players Earn That Much Money In Real Life



HBO’s Ballers showcased the glamourous lives that Footballers get to live in their peak times, and well, it did raise eyebrows. It is possible that every parent that watched the show would not have a problem if their kids decide to nurse an NFL dream. Right from the start for the first season, It was all about expensive cars, impressive yachts, customized diamond jewelry, and the zero- sorrow life that sports players enjoy.

If the show is anything to go by in terms of how real athletes live, it is understandable why top athletes do not have any problem spending massive cash on bets. It is not only about them, as you can also hit fortune by checking here to see the exact odds that these star players get to wager on. Summarily, the 5 seasons sport-comedy movie painted the picture that sports players make a whole lot of money.

It also suggested that some get to squander their wealth, but the most notable feature is that there is lots of money in sports, the NFL especially. Is this, however, true in real life, or is it just a façade? We will take an analytic approach to see.

Do Sports Players Earn as much as Ballers projected

  • What Those Involved in The Sports Business Saying: While the movie focuses on the NFL, it did raise the questions that many people have wanted to know; do athletes earn the number or is it just showbiz. Well, there is no better way to answer the questions than to hear from the horse’s mouth.

Ken Gunsberger at UBS Financial Services speaks on the issue of footballers earning a lot and losing a lot if they squander it. The man who is the senior vice president of wealth management has managed several sportspeople and claimed that Ballers is one film with elements of truth.

The finance expert stated that sports players earn a lot, and there are always people trying to take advantage of their wealth because, at the moment, the players are more focused on getting the best out of their careers. He also stated that the more successful players do not just have a finance manager but have a team of money watchers that ensure they are not going the wrong way.

He stated hype in the movie on how the players spend their money, but many make enough to earn just that much. Randall Bacon, a high school footballer who broke many records before becoming an actor, stated that he was friends with some NFL players, and he knows they earn a lot of money. However, he did not deny that there is the possibility for an injury to halt the tide for many of these footballers suddenly, and they are just as vulnerable as they are wealthy.

  • What The Salary Stas Are Saying: Stats also show that Sports players are wealthy. The average annual earnings of an NFL athlete are between the range of $860,000 to $1.1 million. The more established players earn as much as $12 million. According to US Today, the top 10 wealthiest NFL players have a salary of about $30 million to $45, which is a lot.

Outside the NFL, top earners in the sports world gain more than an annual salary of over $50 million. For example, Lionel Messi of Paris St Germain once leaked his contract in 2020 while still in FC Barcelona. The revealed contract showed that former Barcelona ace had earned over $600 million from 2017 to 2020


Sports players are big earners, and Baller’s portrayal of that wealth is not a misguided act. Also, it is just as possible for players to go bankrupt, as the movie portrays, which is why the film is held fondly among sports players. In summary, the movie is a good presentation of the wealth sports players enjoy from their profession.


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