Interesting Facts About the “Casino Royale” Movie

The premiere of the new film about Agent James Bond will take place in October 2021. This super-successful franchise is one of the favorites of gambling enthusiasts. This is not surprising at all since filmmaker Carey Fukunaga himself admitted that the best part of the sequel was “Casino Royale.”

Fifteen years after the release of Casino Royale, we would like to recall how the film was remembered by millions of fans. And among them are users of the site. In this review, you will discover the most interesting facts about Casino Royale that made this movie about British spy James Bond so popular.


Top 10 Facts About “Casino Royale”

According to the plot, young James Bond enters into a duel with the financial leader of the underworld Le Chiffre. But to win this duel, just one arsenal of weapons is not enough; the man needs the power of reason because the battle site is the Royal Casino. Here are some other interesting facts that you may have not known about the movie:

  1. Casino Royale is the first Ian Fleming’s book written about James Bond;
  2. The first day of filming Daniel Craig was the scene where Bond storms the African embassy;
  3. Daniel Craig took the role seriously, so he read all of Ian Fleming’s novels and consulted with the British Secret Service, who were consultants for the film Munich (2005);
  4. Daniel Craig is the only James Bond younger than the show itself;
  5. Another interesting fact is that the rights to film the movie were obtained in 2000 after a deal with MGM. There was actually an exchange for the rights to the movie “Spider-Man.” This was achieved by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson;
  6. During the first day of filming, there was the scene where Bond storms the African embassy;
  7. The movie is listed in the Guinness Book of Records in the category “Most car coups.” Stunt performer Adam Kirley performed 7 blast-induced Aston Martin DBS coups while filming in Millbrook Province Ground in July 2006;
  8. The suits and tuxedos at the Casino Royale were made by the Italian fashion house Brioni, while the Turnbull and Asser company was responsible for the production of shirts and ties. In addition, other global brands were involved in the movie with their hidden advertising, namely: Persol sunglasses, Sunspel polo, and T-shirts, Nike, Converse shoes;
  9. Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, and Charlize Theron were being considered for the role of Vesper Lynd;
  10. The three-piece suit worn by Daniel Craig at the end of this film is the dark blue version of Sir Sean Connery’s gray suit in Goldfinger (1964).


As you can see, there are many interesting facts and legends around the “Casino Royale” movie. It is for this reason that this film has such a high rating and an army of fans from around the world.

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