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This is a reprint of Team Unwinnable’s collective editorial note from Issue #27 of Exploits, our collaborative cultural diary in magazine form. If you like what you see, buy it now for $2, or subscribe to never miss an issue (note: Exploits is always free for subscribers of Unwinnable Monthly).


Black lives matter.

Dismantle the police state.

Strip all oppressors of the weapons of war and hold them accountable for their brutality.

For resources and ways to help and donate: blacklivesmatters.carrd.co (compiled by @dehyedration)

* * *

It felt strange, assembling this issue of Exploits. Nearly all the words here were written back when we were only (!) dealing with a deadly global pandemic. When you’re sheltering in place, it makes sense that folks are going to want to read, play and watch things, and our specialty is suggesting and thinking about those things.

But the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, David McAtee and others – the latest in centuries of unaddressed injustice created by a violent police state – and the righteous howl of rage that rose up in response, made all this seem so trivial. When heavily armed fascists are firing on peaceful protesters a couple miles down the road, the need to appraise the merits of a Star Wars novel or whatever drops below zero. Then there are the protests taking place in other parts of the world: the renewed tensions in Hong Kong against the brutality of its riot police, the protests outside the US standing in solidarity and calling for change, and the movements against racism inspired by the bravery of these protesters. But folks can’t fight all the time. When exhaustion sets in, when you need to dial out the terrible static and take care of yourself, we need the stuff that often seems trivial in the face of horror.

Beyond this page is a regular issue of Exploits, a series of brief essays and very short media recommendations. In a perfect world, we’d have scrapped it all and put together something that is more reflective of the moment. But if the events of the last several days have revealed anything, they have screamed out the truth that the world is far less than perfect. Regardless, we hope that you can find something here that renews your energy and resolve.

Amplify black voices. Be a good ally. Share calls for aid and resources for support.

Stay safe out there.

– Team Unwinnable


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