Unwinnable Monthly – May 2020

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It’s May! This quarantine thing is exhausting, so let’s just get right to it.

Lukasz Kowalczuk delivers our creeptastic cover art this month for Khee Hoon Chan’s look at ten years of Fallen London. Lukasz is also the subject of our Artist Spotlight. Don Everhart is on the second feature, looking at the treatment of prison in two science fiction videogames. Our sponsored story, by yours truly, is on Endling, a game about cute foxes and extinction. Lighthearted!

Noah Springer leads off the columns with some new hip hop selects. Harry Rabinowitz suggests you try reading Are You Listening?, a road trip graphic novel. Blake Hester is killing folks in Call of Duty. Declan Taggart sees what games his ancient replacement laptop can run. Deirdre Coyle hangs out with a graveyard keeper’s skull.

Ben Sailer looks at the crossover between competitive real world and videogame auto racing. Matt Marrone has a sleepover. Yussef Cole goes soft on his neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Justin Reeve checks out the architecture in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Rob Rich tries to suss out the difference between good and bad difficulty. Adam Boffa brings it home with a lovely essay on Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea novels.

Oh, and our print zine is in production – snag a copy!

OK, see ya soon in the June Exploits. Sleep now.

Stu Horvath
Kearny, New Jersey
May 15, 2020

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