Dungeon Masters Guide (plus Chaosium VP Michael O’Brien)

First up, we talk about Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection, the latest Chaosium board game. It’s a great companion to 2016’s Khan of Khans.

The main course this episode is the first edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide. We discuss how the book is a peak into Gary Gygax’s brain and how that echoed through tabletop roleplaying games for a long time and marks a kind of frontier for game design circa 1979. We get pretty meta with it.

Finally, we chat with Michael O’Brien, vice president of Chaosium about Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection, some Call of Cthulhu conventions, RuneQuest and more Chaosium news!

* * *

Correction: The classic cover painting for the red box D&D Basic rules is by Larry Elmore, not Jeff Easley. We both make this mistake all the time (it’s the E’s), so you should probably just get used to it.

* * *

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Tune in two weeks from now for the next episode. Until then, may the dice always roll in your favor!

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