Remembering the Games of Greg Stafford

This show is entirely dedicated to the works of the late, great Greg Stafford, who we dearly miss.

Stu takes the helm and starts us down Stafford’s tabletop RPG history with the wargame White Bear & Red Moon (also known as Dragon Pass). From there, he touches on RuneQuest, the Ghostbusters RPG, Prince Valiant, the entire world of Glorantha, HeroQuest and Pendragon, all the while trying to convey how widely Stafford’s work influenced the hobby.

We’ll be covering most of these games in more depth on the Instagram feed this week, so look for that.

* * *

Clarification: The story about Greg Stafford buying the first Dungeons & Dragons box set is pretty apocryphal, but fun nonetheless.

Clarification: To give you an idea of the vibe of Glorantha as a secret history, Stafford coyly maintained he discovered it, rather than created it.

* * *

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Tune in two weeks from now for the next episode. Until then, may the dice always roll in your favor!

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