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It is Stu’s Birthday!

We lead things off with Chaosium’s Khan of Khans (01:30), a fast-paced boom and bust board game about cattle thievery in Glorantha, by Reiner Knizia.

The main event: Dragon Magazine (05:38). Stu gives a brief history of the publication (06:00). Hambone remembers seeing it in book stores in the mall (07:45). Stu reveals how Dragon Magazine gave him the collecting bug (09:41) and how his large run functions as a sort of history of the tabletop RPG hobby (11:00).

Stu talks about how editor Tim Kask worked to keep Dragon semi-independent from TSR (13:00). Editor Roger E. Moore’s tenure comes up (13:54) along with Dungeon Magazine. While Dragon slowly became an advertorial publication, Stu doesn’t mind because it allows us to see D&D evolving on a month to month basis (15:00) and Hambone segues into the Dragon+.

Stu gets into Dragon’s experimental tendencies (17:30) and explains how Forgotten Realms was (kinda sorta) born in the magazine (19:22). Preservation comes up (21:00).

A brief encouragement to subscribe to Unwinnable Monthly during our Holiday Subscription Drive (24:25).

Stu gets excited about completing his Planescape collection (25:00).

See you in two weeks!

* * *

Clarification: Stu meant Rubbermaid, not Tupperware

Correction: Despite his whip-fast certainty, Stu was wrong. Pong came out in 1972.

* * *

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Tune in two weeks from now for the next episode. Until then, may the dice always roll in your favor!

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