Letter from the Editor

Unwinnable Monthly – February 2018

This is a reprint of the letter from the editor in Unwinnable Monthly Issue 100. You can buy Issue 100 now, or purchase a monthly subscription to make sure you never miss an issue!


Welcome to the 100th issue of Unwinnable! We made it! You made it with us! Thanks for sticking around and reading our words!

Rather than turn this into a self-aggrandizing celebration of ourselves, though, we decided to hand the features over to the folks from Bullet Points. In a very odd coincidence, Reid McCarter and Ed Smith both pitched us essays on the cyberpunk game Observer within a few days of each other. Rather than choose between them (and really, once you read them, it will be clear how we couldn’t possibly have picked just one), I thought it would be fun to run them both at the same time, a kind of Bullet Points/Observer theme issue. That it wound up being slotted for our big anniversary issue made it even more amusing.

Also in the long reads section, you’ll find a chilling real-life ghost story from our longtime editor James Fudge. Don’t read it at night. Definitely don’t read it when you’re alone. Our sponsored story is a Q&A with a fun little shooter/brawler called Sky Noon. If you like grappling hooks and falling to your doom, you’re going to want to check this one out.

On to the columns! Gavin Craig wrestles with the games of Quantic Dream, Megan Condis checks out I, Tonya and Astrid Budgor recommends some unusual metal for your ears. Brock Wilbur gives us a Protoytpe doubleshot, Deirdre Coyle befriends Bea from Night in the Woods and Corey Milne sits in a bunker, waiting for the orders to launch a nuclear strike. Matt Marrone finds another sort of apocalypse in the play Meteor Shower, Yussef Cole digs into what it means for him to love the PaRappa the Rapper games, I wonder if I am too old for make-believe and Rob Rich rounds us out with a look at toxic fandom. Sara and Jason’ll be back next month. Finally, our Artist Spotlight falls on the fantastic work of Sara Alfa this month.

Past that, you will note that there are no recommendations this month. That’s because we’re spinning them off into a brand new monthly magazine called Exploits (a scheme that might be familiar to long term subscribers). We’re giving Exploits to subscribers of Unwinnable Monthly for free, so look for the first issue in a couple weeks.

Ok, that’s it, see you soon!

Stu Horvath
Kearny, New Jersey
February 13, 2018

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