Unwinnable Weekly Issue One

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Exalted Funeral

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Unwinnable Weekly! It was one hell of a wild ride to get here and we couldn’t have done it without your support. I can scarcely believe we are finally here, at the edge of this new and exciting frontier. What is out there, just over the horizon of the scrolling page? Allow me to act as your Virgil for a moment.

UW1First, we have the irascible Matt Marrone, who has become a rookie once again, this time for a recreational softball league. That can only end well, right?

Next, Cara Ellison leads you into the cold world of A Dark Room, a unique game by Michael Townsend and Amir Rajan. The blizzard of Cara’s words will enthrall you and Irene Koh’s icy illustrations will dazzle you.

You’ll then find yourself in my care as I chat with horror author Laird Barron about his life and his demon-haunted work. May the faint of heart beware – and read his story “Bulldozer” first! (Special thanks to Laird for his time and John Coulthart for permission to reprint his magnificent “Bulldozer” illustration.)

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Richard Clark turns to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.” As is so often the case, though, he finds something sad and desperate in the jangly pop tune.

Finally, enter a world built out of the bricks and mortar of Dungeons & Dragons illustrations and 1980s fantasy videogames as Gus Mastrapa unveils the first danger-filled installment of his serialized sword and sorcery novel Dungeon Crawler, with awesome illustrations from Chris Martinez.

This is just the start. I have seen the stories that lay further down the road. It only gets better, stranger and more wonderful from here. And that is all because of you. Without you, we’d just be whispering in the dark.

Stu Horvath,
Kearny, New Jersey
May 5, 2014


This is a reprint of the letter from the editor in Unwinnable Weekly Issue One. You can buy Issue One individually now, or purchase a one-year subscription to make sure you never miss and issue!

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