Lucas Has Gone Bye-Bye

  • You’re all doomed!


  • In more bad news from a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas has lost his mind. Among the many reported “changes” to the original Star Wars trilogy to be featured in the upcoming Blu-ray box set, Lucas has decided to add audio where audio should never be.

    In a critical scene from Return of the Jedi, Luke is being electrocuted by Emperor Palpatine as a silent and stoic Darth Vader looks on. His silence continues as he decides to rescue his son, tossing Palpatine to his death. Lucas’ change to the audio takes place at the moment Vader makes his decision between good and evil. In the updated version Vader lets out a bellowing “Nooooo!” before throwing the Emperor into the bowels of the Death Star. It adds nothing and takes away so much. The brilliance of the original scene was in part from Vader’s silence and in adding this unnecessary dialogue, Lucas seems to be trying to rid himself of what little credibility with his fans he has left.

    Check out a fan video of what the scene will most likely come to below. I much prefer it in this context.


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