Edgar Allan Poe House Set To Close

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  • Baltimore has its fair share of problems, and it seems that the latest victim of the city’s apparent self-purging will be the Edgar Allan Poe House, the New York Times reported earlier. Impractically located amid a housing project, the small museum makes a modest income off of a meager tourist trade. The loss of $85,000 in annual funding last year all but sends the historic abode to its death.

    Sad as the news is, Baltimore is just one of many cities facing serious budgeting issues coupled with a near-crippling lack of funds that need to be put toward more practical city institutions. Historic indebtedness simply doesn’t demand the money it takes to run a city, and sadly, as cherished as Poe is by the city of Baltimore, unless the museum can become entirely self-sufficient by next year, its sacrifice has become an inevitable.

    Unwinnable has invested much of itself to the study and appreciation of the American culture of horror. More than just genre, it is a major part of our society, and when an institution such as this is forced to close its doors, not only is a place of celebration lost, but one of education – and isn’t that what horror is all about?


    Peter thinks the Baltimore RAVENS should step in and save the museum. Agree with him via Twitter @peterlangcrime

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