The “Common Sense” Reaction: Blame Videogames

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Twenty-year-old British man Chris Staniforth died in May after developing deep vein thrombosis from playing Xbox without moving for 12 hours at a time, the Huffington Post reported yesterday. The condition, which triggers swelling and dizziness, is usually attributed to sitting for long periods of time, such as during long flights. In Staniforth’s case, a blood clot traveled up his leg into the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.

In the report, British news outlets seem to errantly point a finger at Xbox. Unwinnable agrees that it is foolish to sit motionless doing anything for 12 hours if you don’t have to, and that pathological gaming (dubious as the label may be) or addictive behavior of any kind is not only dangerous, but severely retards one’s quality of life. The vilification of videogames, though, has substituted for self-awareness and proactive parenting. It’s easier to point a finger at an inanimate object than enforce limits, apparently.

Alas, such is the way when people reject the simple tenets of prudence and common sense. Staniforth’s father, David, has not wandered down that wayward path of excuses. Instead of damning Xbox, he continues to support the playing of videogames – only this time, he’s stressing moderation.