Thundercats Premieres Tonight on Cartoon Network

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Thundercats returns to the small screen tonight on Cartoon Network with a one-hour series premiere. The look of the team has been revamped and the story has been tweaked, but the ‘Cats kick just as much ass as they did when we were first introduced to them back in 1985.

And you’re allowed to be excited. Just take a look at the trailer:

Still excited?

If the trailer is any indication, the show’s producers have taken pains to recreate the aesthetic of the original, and that is a good thing. While there’s nothing wrong with an update, it’s always good news when a new generation of viewers can be exposed to the past almost as it was – and relate to it. This is no bastardization (read: Transformers and G.I. Joe) and you can be sure more than two members of Team Unwinnable will have their DVRs set. We might even dig out our action figures…

With Mark Mariano