‘Geek Stuff’ Host Robbed



Earlier this month, a longtime pillar of the Geek community, Kevin ‘Big Kev’ Schwoebel, was robbed. This is the statement his co-host, OG, made on their website:

Earlier today Studio B was broken into. Though it has always been a long running joke of the show, the studio has always been a personal space for myself or Kevin. In this case Studio B was Kevin’s home. Along with some personal items of great value, all of the show equipment was stolen. Literally there is next to nothing left aside from the mic stands. Due to this we are sad to announce that the show is suspended. Until such a time as we can replace the equipment and the lost files, production, etc… there will be no new full episodes of Geek Stuff. There may be some smaller shows, or maybe some content here and there but until further notice consider the show suspended. I’d ask that you keep in mind Kevin and his wife thru this terrible ordeal.

They are taking donations via PayPal on Kev’s site and we hope that you, dear reader, will take the time to shoot over there and donate whatever you can to help them out and get Big Kev’s Geek Stuff back on the air. Here at Team Unwinnable, our hearts go out to Kevin and his wife. It wasn’t just a studio that got robbed; it was their home.


Team Unwinnable implores you to donate. Every little bit not only helps Big Kev and his wife recoup what was lost, but the simple act of support goes even farther in helping them regain the sense of security lost after a home invasion.