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Soundtrack Break

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    Vintage RPG

  • When Chuck sent me a link to World of Soundtrack (not a typo), I thought we had hit the mother lode of rare soundtrack torrents. We were wrong. World of Soundtrack is just an archive of soundtrack album art and track listings, meticulously entered and sorted, but randomly presented, since 2008. There is a link to another blog called Soundtrack Collector, a poorly translated quote from Yann Tiersen about Palestine and not a whole lot else.

    I feel like World of Soundtrack is the threshold of a very strange and very particular kind of enthusiast – the soundtrack geek. I am pulling back from that threshold, but you, Dear Reader, can feel free to dive into that abyss. Let us know what you find there.


    For the record, I was listening to the soundtrack to Moon, by Clint Mansell, as I wrote this. Just in case you care.