The 3DS Goes Deep

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  • I’m still kind of amazed that the thing actually works. Take a look at my review of the Nintendo 3DS for Complex:

    First revealed last summer at E3 2010, the Nintendo 3DS and its glassesless 3D visuals truly had to be seen to be believed. Throngs of people lined up to get their hands on the device, each of which was chained to the waist of a pretty woman in a black suit who didn’t really know what to say to the horde of geeks filing past (at least other than “touch the game, not me”). It was an amazing yet incredibly awkward experience. Now, finally, this Sunday, North America can get their hands on the next great video game console (pretty woman not included). We’ll be dealing with the launch titles next week, but for now we’ll focus on what you’ll be getting out of the box.