Goblin War Machine Crushes Them All Dead

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There are few things that can suck you in and take your attention away from other things, like work, the wife, eating and even going to the bathroom.

One of those things is a really fun and engaging Flash game.

Goblin War Machine is one of those games.

The simple, silhouetted black-and-grey game from the folks at Big Block Games will have you running over helpless women and children as you rumble along in a giant big wheel of terror that would have made David Carradine wet his pants.

With earned credits you can soup-up your monster truck with powerful cannons and chassis, as well as soul-crushing wheels of death and struts of various lengths.

In your death-mobile you pass beneath a grey, moonlit sky and cut through hills and water, crumbling houses and towers along the way. Eight goblins control your behemoth, but watch out, because some hapless civilians try to fight back by hurtling spears your way.

There are more than a dozen landscapes for you to terrorize, and each one is more fun than the last. I promise you will waste away hours of work time making your way through this one.


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