US States Where Slot Games Are Legal

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Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine the online casino industry without slot games, as it has become no less popular than well-known card games. Slot machines are the most popular in any casino regardless of whether it’s a land-based or online platform. However, the experienced players realize that the online slot games at GG.Bet are the best options in the gambling market today. When speaking about the USA, not all the states recognize online slot games as legal.

The popularity of Slot Games and US Regulations

It’s widely known that gambling laws are not the same in all states. Unfortunately, there are currently only several states where you may play your favorite slot without restriction. States that allow their residents to access online casino platforms include the following: Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Each of these states approached the gambling legislation differently.

New Jersey

This state was among the pioneers in legalizing online casinos. The bill that legalized them was signed in 2013. Currently, there are more than 30 online casino operators where gamblers can play their favorite slots.


As the previously mentioned state, Delaware also legalized online casinos in 2013. Although the idea was declared in 2012, the legalization process took approximately a year. The number of casino providers is not great here. Everything is regulated by the Delaware Lottery.
Here, the legalization of online casinos and slots took more time – everything happened in 2017. However, the stabilization process took about two years, and only in 2019 did Pennsylvania residents start to play casinos legally. Nowadays, the number of casino providers is as large as it is in New Jersey.

This state also has to take two years for the legalization of casinos from 2019 to 2021. The delay was mainly caused by the outbreak of Covid. As for now, there are more than ten casinos where gamers can enjoy a great number of slots.

West Virginia
Here, online casino life started in 2020. They were the first to legalize sports betting and then expanded their impact on online slots. A special organ – the West Virginia Lottery Commission – regulates the activity of online casino providers as the highest gaming authority in Western Virginia.


Connecticut legalized online slots in May 2021. Currently, the state has only two casino providers. With their help, residents of Connecticut may play slots and bet on sportsbooks.

Rhode Island

This state was the last which legalize online casino platforms. They made it almost a year ago, in 2023.

Where Online Casinos Are Expected to Be Legalized?

As can be seen, the number of states where online slots and online casino games are legal is minimal. The progress in this sphere is minimal. However, when looking at the tendency to approve sports betting, online casinos are expected to be the next. Hence, in the near future, the following states are expected to legalize online casinos:

  • Indiana – in late 2024
  • Illinois – in late 2024
  • Massachusetts – in 2026
  • North Carolina – TBD.

When will we see the rest of the states with casino licenses?

It’s a general tendency that online casino games are becoming more and more popular. However, the speed of casino legalization shows that it may take a decade or more before other states accept online casinos legally. As of now, gambling adherents in the USA should realize that gambling laws vary by state, and it’s better to double-check the law in your state before looking for the best slots online.