6 Under-rated Social Media Apps That Won’t Disappoint

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Digitalization and globalization go hand in hand. With tech advancements, the distance among people got shorter and shorter. Also, one cannot over the contributions of social media in making the world a “global village.”

Over time, social media has become an indelible part of our lives. Some want to be updated about their surroundings while others prefer to update everyone in their surroundings.

Since their inception, Facebook and Twitter have become household items. Include Instagram and Snapchat in this list too. Collectively, these apps have billions of users.

However, the world of social media apps is full of unidentified stars. There’s a galaxy of social media applications yet to be discovered. Some people know such apps. However, many are unaware of them.

This article is dedicated to such undiscovered gems that you should be using. Such apps can be useful and entertaining at the same time. So, without any delay, let’s explore some worthy social media applications.

1. Twitch:

More of a streaming platform, Twitch is primarily used for video game streaming. However, music, shows, and creative content are also included. Launched in 2011, Twitch became a sensation in the gaming community.

However, Twitch failed to generate any traction among non-gamers. Although educators, artists, and content creators also use Twitch, they usually fail to make an impression.

Also, with Twitch, creators can use it to earn money. With the help of a subscription model, donations, and ads, creators can earn revenue.

2. Discord:

This app can be termed as the WhatsApp of gamers. Including almost all the features of WhatsApp, Discord is a boon for the gaming community.

Along with texts and video calls, users can share screens in Discord. In addition, users can create or join servers, specifically made for groups and communities.

Discord is available in different languages. Also, it is free to use. However, an optional paid version is available offering different perks and benefits.

However, live-streaming apps generally need a top-notch internet connection. Simply because live streams don’t buffer and lag without a stable connection. Also, it’s no fun watching an interrupted livestream. In addition, if you’re planning to showcase video gaming skills, you may not be able to stream with an average internet connection.

For this reason, we recommend a connection like Cox. Providing seamless connectivity, it’s like a knife through butter. With an unbothered connection, you can watch live streams or stream content. So, Cox’s internet provides a world with endless opportunities.

To find out more, you can visit Cox’s website. Also, they’re catering to Spanish customers via Cox en español – Spanish customer support.

3. Patreon:

Many self-made creators don’t have enough backing. They may provide quality content to an audience, but they struggle financially. However, Patreon came up with an interesting idea to help such creators.

Creators can always rely on their staunch supporters. With Patreon, fans can financially support such creators. It can include writers, musicians, and other content creators.

On Patreon, creators can select a membership tier. The membership tier comes with a subscription model for the fans. Fans can change, cancel, or choose any subscription plan at any time.

Patreon charges a minimal percentage of funds raised by the creators. In return, it provides them with useful tools and resources to manage their membership programs and communicate with their fans.

4. BeReal:

BeReal is a picture-sharing app whose audience is growing fast. Thanks to the highly-paid ambassador program, BeReal caught the audience’s attention.

BeReal is like a doppelganger of Snapchat. However, there’s a significant difference. The app sends a two-minute time frame for users to send a picture. So, the users are always on their toes to send a picture on time.

Moreover, it encourages people to send unfiltered pictures to friends. So that your friends could know about your surroundings without filters.

However, BeReal needs to add some exciting features like Snapchat to create traction. Communication with friends is a visible problem with BeReal. Massive updates are expected that can make it a real competitor of Snapchat.

5. Polywork:

Polywork is a platform that specializes in professional partnerships. With Polywork, users can find opportunities for collaborations on different projects. They can speak on podcasts, help in app testing, and do many other things.

Users can define their interests and Polywork will find the projects. For example, software engineers can collaborate on beta testing of applications or writers can team up on editorial or proofreading projects.

In many ways, Polywork resembles LinkedIn. However, it does not offer long-term contracts. Rather, it’s an app for short-term contracts or for people who amass different skills.

6. Applaudable:

Tired of toxicity on social media? Don’t want any bad news on your feed? Then there can’t be a better alternative than this. As the name suggests, this app spreads positivity. Users on Applaudable share positive experiences with others.

Whether it’s a book or a new recipe you tried, you can share the experience. Such experiences are applauded by the people. This way, you can make a positive addition to other’s lives. Also, you can encourage them to do the same.

Bottom Line:

The internet is full of apps that are yet to be discovered by people. Such apps have distinctive features that are not offered by others. However, a little research can help in finding the treasure of untouched applications.