EA FC 24: When and where will early access and normal launch begin? Everything we know!

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As we approach the end of September 2023, we’re approaching the release of a new FIFA game, only this time, there’s no FIFA, just EA Sports FC 24.

FIFA and EA formally ended their 30-year cooperation in 2022, and with the release of FIFA 23 in 2022, EA is finally launching their standalone soccer game simulator this year. EA FC 24 will be the inaugural entry in the EA Sports FC brand, and as is customary, fans who purchased the Ultimate Edition will be able to play one week before those who purchased the Standard Edition. There is already excitement amongst esports fans on GGBET about the launch. Here is the precise start time and date for EA FC 24’s early access and normal launch.

When does EA FC 24 early access begin?

One of the benefits of purchasing the Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 is the ability to play the game one week before ordinary access. It allows users to form a team in Ultimate Team ahead of the rest of the player base. However, every other mode will also be accessible.

Early access to EA FC 24 began on September 22 at midnight local time.

When does EA FC 24 standard access become available?

If you purchased the Standard Edition of EA FC 24, you’ll have to wait a little longer since standard access for EA FC 24 will be online on September 29 at 12 a.m. local time.

Price of EA FC 24: How much would EA’s FIFA successor cost?

EA FC 24 will be the inaugural installment of the newly founded EA Sports FC video game series, replacing the long-running FIFA franchise. There is a cost to becoming a member of this new era of virtual soccer.

The official release date for EA FC 24 is September 29, 2023. EA FC 24 is available for pre-order on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Whether you want to do so or wait to see what the game is like before parting with your money, you must pay a significant sum to get your hands on EA FC 24. The game is currently available for $59.99, and this promotion is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch, which has usually gotten discounted FIFA items in recent years.

The basic EA FC 24 experience in the shape of the Standard Edition will cost you $69.99 on any other platform. The Ultimate Edition’s asking price of $99.99 is a gentle three-figure sum. This time, there is no Switch discount. The EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition is unavailable on Nintendo’s system, adding to the platform’s dearth of FIFA items.

There is a method to get EA FC 24 for less money without buying a Nintendo Switch. Members of EA Play enjoy a 10% discount on purchases. At the very least, when prices rise, so do the discounts, and yes, we know the copium is real with this one.

The Ultimate Edition includes:

  • 4,600 FC points (the equivalent of FIFA points).
  • Access to the Nike Ultimate Team campaign.
  • Several FUT products.

The package’s most appealing element is the early access, extended to a full week this year, up from the customary three days.

Is EA FC 24 like FIFA?

EA FC 24 is another FIFA game. EA FC 24 will include all of the classic game modes, including Career mode, VOLTA, Pro Clubs, and Ultimate Team.

At the club level, the game does not lose any major licenses. All major competitions, including the Champions League and Europa League, have been licensed for EA Sports FC. EA FC 24 will contain over 30 leagues, 700 clubs, and over 19,000 licensed players.

In terms of gameplay, EA FC 24 will be identical to FIFA. Frostbite will be utilized for EA’s yearly soccer game for the ninth year. Therefore, the engine will remain unchanged. EA’s key gameplay element, Hypermotion, which has dominated their FIFA presentations recently, is again front and center throughout the pre-launch promotion.

One or two new gameplay concepts are viable and, honestly, required, but EA FC 24 is a soccer simulator developed by EA, just like FIFA. You will receive everything that comes with that offer.

The main distinction between EA FC 24 and FIFA 23

The name of EA Sports FC and FIFA is the only visible distinction between the two games. EA did not suddenly decide it no longer liked the term FIFA. The publisher could not negotiate a deal with FIFA, the international soccer governing body, to renew the naming license beyond FIFA 23. It is the only reason EA Sports FC exists. Naturally, any references to FIFA will be erased or renamed. It includes FIFA Ultimate Team, which in EA FC 24 has been simplified to just Ultimate Team.

The loss of the FIFA license has another in-game effect: the World Cup will not be included in EA FC 24 because its licensing is part of the FIFA arrangement. The 2022 World Cup will be held in December, before FIFA 23’s run. Therefore, the competition will be prominently promoted in all game elements. As a result, the lack of World Cup-related content in EA FC 24 may feel even more odd than in any other year.

What has been added to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

EA has worked hard to differentiate the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team from the FUT. The company’s choice to mix male and female players in Ultimate Team without limits is an undeniable highlight. With the launch of EA FC 24 Heroes, we’ve already seen how this will function regarding ratings. We’ll have to wait longer to see how it plays out in-game.

Aside from the major changes, EA Sports FC will include two new Ultimate Team elements. PlayStyles and Evolutions are the names given to these features. PlayStyles are gaming characteristics that are unique to the player’s actual playstyle. Erling Haaland’s Power Shot is an example from EA. The idea is that PlayStyles will only represent real-life features; therefore, Haaland, for example, cannot have a sliding tackle PlayStyle.

‘Evolutions’ is a new concept that allows you to level up your Ultimate Team team members by accomplishing tasks. The best aspect of Evolutions is that you may update the cards’ appearance and stats, creating a new feeling of advancement.

There is little change between EA FC 24 and FIFA 23. The game has a new name and will not contain the World Cup, but the other changes are no more noteworthy than switching from one FIFA to another. If you’re searching for another FIFA game, don’t be fooled by the name: EA FC 24 is just that.