How casino movies have changed through the years

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  • The movie industry has evolved in the digital age. Although going to the cinema to enjoy a film is still widespread, there are plenty of other avenues people use to consume media.

    Just like anything in life, movies have been changed forever by the rise of the internet. While it has allowed many streaming services to expand into countries they would have never operated in, it has also had a financial impact on physical cinemas.

    You could think of any random industry, and the likelihood is that it has been transformed due to the rise of the internet. For example, industries in travel, finance, and casino gaming have all taken on a new dimension thanks to the interconnectivity of mobile phones.

    Especially in gambling, the sector has become so saturated that many companies look to provide advantageous offers to bring in prospective new customers. With inviting offers like Pulsz casino free SC by, it is easy to see why this industry continues to flourish.

    Classic casino films

    Several high-profile casino films have been made over the last 50 years. There have been comedy, crime, and drama, and sometimes a combination of all three genres. However, if we look at arguably the most iconic and well-known casino film of all time, we’re going back nearly 30 years, to 1995.

    Martin Scorsese is undoubtedly one of the greatest film directors of all time. From Goodfellas and Raging Bull to The Wolf of Wall Street, he continues to push the boundaries of film to entertain and keep movie fans on the edge of their seat.

    Many movie fans and critics believe that Casino (1995) is the quintessential casino film because it encompasses the rise of the mob and shows the dark underbelly that acted as a serious foundation and springboard for Las Vegas to become the American capital of gambling.

    Thankfully, the criminal element in Las Vegas has diminished significantly. Still, the film serves as a stark reminder of the shadowy figures who used to control significant parts of the Nevada desert. Scorsese, De Niro, and Joe Pesci bring this to life in such an incredible way that it is widely considered one of his greatest movies.

    21st century films

    As we approached the early 2000s, casino films started to go for a different theme. Gone were the stylish casino flicks and a new era was ushered in by one of the most fabulous ensemble casts ever pieced together in Hollywood history – Ocean’s Eleven.

    Based on a successful 1960s classic, Ocean’s Eleven was one of the highest-grossing films, and it mixed style, drama, and crime. Although it heralded a new era of high-budget films, the casino genre remained a niche area of the film industry.

    A few years later, a revamped version of James Bond hit the screen. As Daniel Craig’s first outing as the new James Bond, it was the release of a highly anticipated film. The 2006 film was based on an earlier Bond film called Casino Royale.

    Although the film has more important things going on than being purely based around a casino, there is that iconic scene where Bond plays poker against the main villain (spoiler alert!) and ends up winning a nine-figure sum.

    Some Bond purists stated that it didn’t quite live up to some retro classics, such as GoldenEye. However, it was still a sleek, stylish, and successful new chapter for one of the world’s most famous film franchises.

    In 2009, the smash hit comedy film The Hangover came out. It became a critical and commercial success. While it is a far cry from Ocean’s Eleven, Casino Royale, or Casino, it maintains a cult following and shows the lighter, entertaining side of Las Vegas, the reason most people visit the city.


    Casino films have changed alongside audience appetite. While casino films aren’t a large subdivision of films and there isn’t a vast selection to choose from, advances in how films are produced change the types of films you find listed under this genre.

    As the casino industry has changed and now finds itself online, any future casino blockbusters may have to think outside the box to create an engaging film that encompasses all the components of a modern casino.

    With streaming services becoming the new norm for film releases, and production companies moving more money and resources into this method of release instead of cinematic releases, the whole landscape is set for a monumental change over the next decade. However, how this plays out for casino-based films is anybody’s guess!

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