Three Future Entertainment Forms That Are Here to Stay

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  • Quality entertainment has never been more popular. With more people spending time at home, movies, television, and games have surpassed what was previously thought possible. Popular culture is global, with a shared presence in living rooms and devices around the world. But where can it go next? Below, we discuss three possible future forms of entertainment. 

    Live Online Casino

    The online casino industry has been growing for some time, buoyed by a desire for home entertainment and its easy accessibility options for casual users. This form of entertainment has lost some of the social interaction you would find by visiting a physical casino.

    In a bid to recreate it, game developers created live online casinos, in which croupiers would be streamed via webcam to the devices of players as they organized games. Using the software, players could then make wagers and even chat in real-time, giving games a different dimension.

    This new use of technology expanded quickly to other formats. Slot games started to have bonus rounds that featured live hosts until whole new games were being created around the concept. Even established game show brands like Endemol’s Deal or No Deal now have online versions on casino sites. Live streaming has not just invigorated the online casino sector, but it is forging a whole new form of the game show. In this, the barrier between the studio and the player’s living room has been broken down. While this has always been the appeal of this format, now it is more tangible than ever, allowing players to take part without even leaving their armchairs. 

    Augmented Reality Comics

    Marvel has been pioneering the use of augmented reality comics for some time. To use them, you hold a smartphone against the icon in selected comics and it brings up added information. This can include writer commentaries, phone backgrounds, and more. Developed in conjunction with the company Aurasma, it arrived in 2012 and was the first use of AR in comic book history. 

    However, while there has long been added content, there has been discussion of full comics that move and respond to AR itself. Extra thought bubbles may appear, and extra artwork or alternative scenes. In some instances, the comic may move, creating a hybrid of video and graphic art that could change the industry forever. 

    The Metaverse

    Everyone is talking about the Metaverse, yet no one knows what it is or if they want it at all. The only certain thing is that with so much money being pumped into it, its arrival is imminent at one point or another. So, what could this mean for entertainment?

    Even as and when the Metaverse gets up and running, entertainment will be slow to catch up. The movie industry is famous for pushing back the growth of technology, ranging from VCRs to televisions themselves. The Metaverse will not be that different. One item of tech intrinsically linked with it is VR, which offers a more immersive experience. Yet what many fail to notice is that good, quality VR is already here and it is still not the attractive possibility people think it would have been. Most gamers still prefer to look at a screen and sit in their favorite chair. Why would it be any different with a Metaverse?

    As entertainment changes, it is fair to say we are in a golden age. With so many amazing properties owned by streaming companies and game developers, the future looks bright for consumers.