Best Essential Minecraft PE Mods

These Minecraft Vanilla mods help Steve survive by giving the character many items. There are weapons, furniture, transport, and other necessary things for players. Essential addons are easy to use. Every crafter will find what he needs.


Thanks to this essential mod, Minecraft Bedrock players add several new types of dynamite that increase the power of the explosion. The advantage of the addon is that with its help, players can clear the territory of the game world, creating a unique landscape.

It is also possible to mine ore using new blocks. It is better to keep a distance not to harm the character during the explosion.



This mod helps to add many household items to Minecraft PE: tables, carpets, sofas, laptops, mirrors, and various decorative items. Players will also receive essentional equipment: laptops, sofas, coffee makers, and refrigerators.

Some items even have animation, so the mod will help create a beautiful and fashionable house.

Players can add lighting with new chandeliers, candlesticks, and fixtures.



Players can get different military equipment, weapons, and equipment using essential mod for mobile free. The authors have created cars, tanks, helicopters, and even submarines. Minecraft PE users can upgrade items.

Also, players will have access to cars with excellent characteristics, helicopters, submarines, and much more.



Minecraft PE users can fly using this vanilla mod for mobile free. There are different ways to do this. This vanilla addon provides players with a military plane, wings, and magic boots. All these items are used to quickly move around the world and win battles.

The developers also added six types of wings with unique designs. Controlling the flight is simple: the player must look in the right direction.

Players can fly and explore the world from a height with the help of magic shoes. There are several types, each of which has its unique features.



The essential mod allows players to meet a beautiful girl in vanilla Minecraft PE world. They can start a relationship with her, dance, chat, and much more.

The developer has created a menu with a chat where Steve can ask his new girlfriend to dance and offer her different options for joint entertainment.



Minecraft Bedrock users can make their movement around the game world faster. The authors this essential mod offer copies of real cars to give players transport.

There are trucks, sports models, and the most famous brands.



Many players have heard of the legend of herobrine. With this essential mod, Steve can get acquainted with a mysterious mob and try to survive after this meeting.

Minecraft Bedrock players should know that the creature has unique strengths and abilities.



This essential addon will allow users to be in space, try on a spacesuit and find unusual blocks and objects that were not previously in Minecraft PE vanilla world.

The mod will appeal to fans of the science fiction genre.



After downloading this essential mod for mobile, players can create movies in Minecraft PE and conduct video surveillance in the game world.

It helps improve the security of the surrounding space, record what is happening around it, and watch recordings on the monitor.



Players often have to fight with different aggressive creatures in Minecraft PE. Gun mod developers have created many essential items that Steve can use to attack mobs and defend himself in vanilla world.

The addon will add machine guns, pistols, grenades, and many other weapons.



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