Mjolnir: Who Is Worthy? 

Among all the wondrous and mystic items and weapons in Marvel’s universe, Mjolnir stands as one of the most unique and recognizable. Thor’s hammer is practically synonymous with Thor’s identity as it is his given weapon. As his weapon of choice as well as the object that guides his moral compass and tells him if he is truly worthy. After all, the hammer cannot be wielded by those that are not deemed worthy by its enchantment. An example of this is when in the movie Thor, Thor Odinson temporarily lost the ability to lift and use the hammer at a low point in his life. But upon regaining will and being ready to sacrifice himself to stop his brother Loki, he regained his worthiness.

In all media including the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics, many characters besides Thor have lifted Mjolnir. Many think that this is a gamble on if the hammer will choose you and that it was just made like this. But this is far from the truth since Odin, Thor’s father was the one to enchant Mjolnir prior to giving it to Thor. The inscription that is reflected on the side of Mjolnir is one of the enchantments that states: ‘’Whosoever holds this hammer if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor’’.

Mjolnir’s online appearances

Mjolnir and Thor have appeared in many video games and other mediums since their creation. Most notably Thor: God of Thunder and also sports incarnations in the LEGO Marvel games. But most recently Thor and Mjolnir have been featured in Marvel Snap as a great unit. Thor within the game has to be achieved through opening packs. If you see that you have lots of luck with your pack openings why not try and see if that luck will transfer to the best new online casino games. This perfectly ties in with Marvel fans that enjoy gambling as a hobby. Luckily, for them, there are many online casinos that are Marvel-themed. These games are most commonly slots since they offer the most opportunity for creativity to developers making them. With even most of the slot games have jackpots and bonuses that are central to Mjolnir and its wielders.

Who has Wielded Mjolnir so far?

Within marvels universe, there have been characters besides Thor to have life Mjolnir. Just in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America paid by Chris Evans was deemed worthy and wielded Mjolnir during the fight against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. This has led many to speculate that he always could have lifted it but didn’t as to not discourage Thor. Vision played by Paul Bettany has also held Mjolnir to prove to the avengers he was trustworthy, although some think the power of the Mind stone allowed this to happen. Following this in Thor: Love and Thunder we could see how Jane Foster wielded Mjolnir and used the power of Thor.

Mjolnir was also shattered at one point upon being wielded by Hela, Thor’s sister. Which led Thor to create Stormbreaker as a replacement during Avengers: Infinity War. The hammer still exists in the main timeline due to thor recovering a Mjolnir that deemed him worthy from an alternate timeline, bringing it back home.

The comics have seen many people lift Mjolnir in specific situations and wielding special powers. There have been instances where even two DC comic characters have lifted Mjolnir in Marvel/DC crossover events. Wonder Woman and Superman can be seen wielding the hammer proving their heroic character. 

Could worthiness be determined by the wielder?

While the cannon is that the hammer determines if you are worthy to wield it, thanks to Odin’s enchantment many fans have their own theories. One of the most popular theories is that worthiness is determined by the wielder. This means that essentially if one believes in themselves to be truly worthy, then they are worthy. These are only individuals that fully accept themselves and are honest with themselves, sparking no self-doubt. 

This theory explains perfectly why Thor, Captain America, and Vision are worthy because they truly believe in their preservation online and that what they are doing s the right thing. An interesting part of this theory is that Hela could lift Mjolnir because even if she is evil, she truly believes in her beliefs. Giving the hammer a unique and interesting twist because it can work both ways.

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