Smartphone gaming package is elevated thanks to console-quality titles


We’ve become heavily reliant on our smartphone devices, haven’t we? Be it for listening to music or posting updates on social media, the vast majority of us have a smartphone at our side throughout the day. In fact, many people openly admit that they almost feel naked without their phones.

Gaming is another favoured choice for many, with people able to access a huge selection of mobile games on iOS and android devices whenever they fancy a gaming session. While smartphone gaming will probably never suffice for some diehard console gamers, its dramatically improved offering has helped win over millions of other gaming enthusiasts. The smartphones we access are now better than ever before, with users now able to sample console games on a miniature handheld device given the sophistication a modern-day mobile possesses.

Although many console games on mobile aren’t entirely the same as console versions, it’s remarkable how far innovation has come. The fact we’re even able to gain instant access to detailed PlayStation products on a minuscule phone makes it an appealing option for many. These types of console games have elevated the mobile gaming genre on the whole and supplement other common mobile games, such as Among Us, online blackjack, and Candy Crush. Put simply, there is almost certainly a console title that is worth trying on mobile. As such, smartphone gaming’s appeal has never been greater.

The leading titles

Many of the biggest games on mobile are featured at the top of both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Some games deserve a spot there, while others don’t necessarily live up to the billing. When assessing the console games, though, many titles that have made the transition over to mobile deserve a great deal of time and attention. One of them that has recorded massive success in the mobile gaming arena is PUBG Mobile, a hugely popular battle royale release that has a humongous 511.6 million active monthly players on average, with 42.6 million daily active players at the time of writing. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is another title that has made the jump over to mobile and is managing to win over more and more mobile gamers. Currently, at the time of writing, 173.5 million active average monthly players and almost 16 million daily active players are tucking into Minecraft on mobile. Even more niche products are thriving, too, with soccer fans playing Football Manager 2022 Mobile and enjoying what is the ultimate management game on a portable device. Other leading games that have made a successful leap into the mobile gaming world include Dead Cells, Call of Duty: Mobile, FIFA, GRID Autosport, Apex Legends Mobile, Brawlhalla, and ARK: Survival Evolved.


Gaming phones being snapped up

In order to maximise the mobile gaming experience on offer, people are now purchasing gaming phones that provide gaming-specific features. For serious gamers, pushing the limits of their phones is desirable and results in a much better mobile gaming session on the whole. Many gaming phones boast powerful processors, they feature triggers, improved vibration and cooling, and a selection of customisable gaming modes for specific titles. While some of these devices are high in price, they’re most definitely worth it if you want to utilise mobile gaming’s offering in the best way possible. Of course, mobile gaming is enjoyable on a regular smartphone, but gaming phones do offer features expert gamers crave, particularly if they want to try a number of console games on smartphone. Top gaming phones on the market include the Asus ROG Phone 6, the Black Shark 5 Pro, and the Nubia Red Magic 7.

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