Comic-themed Online Slot – 3 Greatest Combinations

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Do you remember the date when «a bandit with one arm» appeared? That`s all right if you do not keep it in your mind. It was a long-long time ago. Step by step this bandit has come to the online gambling sphere. Yes! We are speaking about online slots. They have head-spinning popularity among players. It is due to the fact of diverse themes and high quality of slots.

There are plenty of slots with the basis in comics. And it is totally difficult to choose the best one from them. Do you have difficulties? We want to help you. We prepared 3 greatest combinations of comics and gambling. Select your game!

Jack Hammer

Hope you are ready to dive into the world of comics and slots? If you are unsure visit There you can collect all essential information.

Jack Hammer. What else did you expect? The greatest combinations of comics and slots can go without this superhero. Plenty of fans of his life in comics enjoy playing with him at the most qualitative gambling platforms including top online casinos in Australia.

Why does it collect so many enthusiasts? It is connected with perfect graphic solutions to save pictures as real as you can see in comics, availability of 23 paylines and high-rated RTP. And it is just the beginning!


Both children and adults love Superman. Speaking about a grown man we can add not only love of comics but of online slot too.

The online slot with this super-hero is certainly unbelievable due to the storyline and high quality. In addition, this perfect slot game is available for different operating systems, case in point, Android. So, you can play wherever you want. All you need is the internet connection.

Beyond the doubt, you will have a unique experience in gambling together with Superman.

Suicide Squad

This slot is simple and full of fun and intuition. The big plus is the opportunity to play at any time and any place. It thanks to the mobile version of this game. It is a slot with five reels and more than 45 paylines.

It should be mentioned that players prefer this game because of jackpots with multi levels. If you want to be the winner of $150,000 try Suicide Squad slot.

Final thoughts

The biggest part of gambling platforms pays attention to the casino games that are themed by films, video games or comics.

These games have all key features of comic books that are the foundation of them. Every character of every game has his or her symbol on the reels.

Truly speaking, if you play these games it is similar to reading these books. And thanks to that you will increase your knowledge and improve your skills. In addition, suitable sounds, amazing gameplay, demo versions and special offers are waiting for every player who will decide to try one of these games.

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