Main Methods of Winning in Online Slots

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  • In recent times, online slots have become the mainstream method of betting and gambling. Many incredible titles like online slot Fire Joker have attracted a significant amount of population. This advancement is partially due to mobile era development and partially due to the simplicity being offered in slots.

    Unlike table games like Poker and Blackjack, the casino slots are easy to play with very few rules. However, in order to win, the players need to prepare an elaborate strategy centred around betting smartly and placing stop losses in slot games.

    How to Win in Slot Machines

    Here are our top tips to ensure winning in the slots.

    Read the Instructions

    Reading the betting instruction and payout table information should be the first thing on a player’s mind. It is really important to know the winning combinations applicable in the game. Further, the instructions also tell about special options like ‘Gamble’ and ‘Double it’.

    Many times there are special characters in the machines with powers and capabilities different from other symbols. Also, many games make use of alterable playlines that the punters can set according to their ease. This impacts the cost of wager as well as their reward amount. Hence the players are advised to understand the instruction before they place a wager.

    Always Play Demo Games

    Once you have read the instruction, your hands might be itching to try your luck by betting with real money at any online casino. However, the next best thing would be to play a demo game. By reading instructions alone, one cannot become a master of the casino slots. Just like reading about a thing does not give you a command of a skill.

    Practice is even more crucial than knowing about a skill. Hence the punters are advised to play the demo games before they set out to bet with real money.

    Place Smaller Wager Initially

    After sufficient practice in the demo version, the players should approach an online casino to play with real money. Here the players must practice caution and avoid being too greedy.

    Often the players think that they have understood the entire game by playing the demo and a jackpot awaits them. What players do not take note of is whether a machine is running hot or cold! A hot machine would constantly churn rewards while a cold machine would do one thing, i.e. make losses for the players.

    Hence the punters should test the state of the machine by betting with a smaller wager in the beginning. If it does not make any significant loss for the players in the initial round, the punters can go on increasing their wager gradually.

    Try New Machines

    Everyone loves stability in life. The punters often tend to settle on a machine once they have started to win in that machine. While it is a good practice, they also might be losing a fair share of possible rewards by not trying any other slot.

    In the modern era, gambling and sports betting has turned into an established industry, and the companies often try to outsmart each other by developing better games. Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, BetSoft and many other companies always have fresh wonderful slots in the pipeline.

    Place Stoplosses

    It doesn’t matter if you are playing manually or using the autoplay mechanism. If you are playing for a longer duration, it is crucial to set an upper limit at the loss that you can withstand. This stop-loss mechanism is already inbuilt in some games. If not, the players should manually keep an eye on their balance and exit a game if their losses breach that barrier.

    Avoid Making Common Mistakes

    The punters have often lost money in the slot machines because they assume themselves to be in complete control of the situation. They tend to think that the outcome of the next spin would be decided by their will.

    The mathematical algorithm behind slot machines is called the Random Number Generator (RNG). It is designed in such a way that the next round of the machine would be completely independent of the previous ones of the game. Hence, the players can never predict the outcome of the next round. Hence, if you have already won a significant amount, it is better to exit while you are still a winner rather than lose it all in the next round.


    Betting and gambling have been shaped by the advancement of mobile slot machines in recent times. The industry is estimated to be a multi-billion-dollar affair. There are plenty of winning opportunities waiting for the players.

    Every day new slot machines are being released by top development companies. With some practice in the demo games and following the tips listed here, most of the punters should be able to launch a successful gambling and betting career.