The 40 Most Impressive Displays of Facial Hair at GDC 2013

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Exalted Funeral

You know what there is a lot of at GDC? Beards. We’re not talking five o’clock shadows, we’re talking elaborate facial topiaries that would be the envy of Viking warriors. Unwinnable is no stranger to facial hair – there are at least half a dozen mighty beards currently on staff – so we sent our intrepid photographer Daniel Imperiale into the wilds of the GDC 2013 show floor to track down the most exquisite examples of beard-growing that he could find (not to mention a couple handsome mustaches). 

What he found brings to mind Stoic philosopher Epictetus. As illustrated in the following hypothetical conversation between himself and an unnamed authority figure in his Discourses, he took beards pretty seriously:

“Come now, Epictetus, shave your beard.”
“If I am a philosopher,” I answer, “I will not shave it off.”
“Then I will have you beheaded.”
“If it will do you any good, behead me.”

That’s commitment! Now, without further ado and in no particular order, bring on the beards!

JasonBennettJason Bennett – Artist/Illustrator, Spiky Tiger

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Phillippe Bergeron – Level Design Director, Ubisoft

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JamesLongstreet James Longstreet – Senior Software Engineer, Iron Galaxy


TonyAlbrechtTony Albrecht – Director, OverByte


UnKnownShawn Alexander Allen – Founder, NuChallenger

MikeBellMike Bell – Co-Founder, Intelligent Artifacts

DavidHormelDavid Hormel – Sound Artist, Cheesy Bread Studios

JoeMonastieroJoe Monastiero – President, Ludei

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JussiAutioJussi Autio – Lecturer, Oulu Game Lab, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

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BrianPelletierBrian Pelletier – Creative Director, Games+Learning+Society


SeanHughesSean Hughes – Game Designer, Ozone Games

BenjiInteractiveBenji Interactive (Erik) – Benji Game Development

MichaelBroughMichael Brough – Creator, Smestorp

JayFriedmanJay Friedman – Developer, Gree

MAtOrlandoMatthew “Cogwheel” Orlando – Programmer, TinyCo

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NickSuttnerNick Suttner – Account Support Manager/Developer Relations, Sony

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BTaylorBrian Taylor – Amateur Detective, Consulting Cartographer, Freelance Librarian


JefferyVerbaJeffery Verba – Designer, Independent

JoshStefanskiJosh Stefanski – Lead UI Engineer, EA Maxis

PeterBurns2Peter Burns – Designer, Current Circus

Sam Machkovech – Writer, Unwinnable

MarcLuckMarc Luck – Desk Viking, QCF Design

MichaelJaffeMichael Jaffe – Console/MMO Resourcer, VonChurch

LincolnAndersonLincoln Anderson – Gametester, Mousechief Inc.

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ChrisIsermanChris Iserman – Recent Grad in Game Design

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ColinNorthwayColin Northway – Lead Designer, Northway Games


CoryRodgersCory Rodgers – Animator, Dreamworks

OwenHArrisOwen Harris – Game Designer, bitSmithGames

GeorgeFagundesGeorge Fagundes – Co-owner/Podcast Producer, Press Pause Radio

MichaelZMichael Z – Amplify

IlyaZarembeskyIlya Zarembksy – Student, NYU Game Center

KeithNemitzKeith Nemitz – Game Designer, 7 Grand Steps

DavidTylerDavid Tyler – Systems Engineer, Cloudant

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Brian Furgurson – 3-D Artist, Independent

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Tosh Matsuda – Alien Game Artist, Corp.


PeteMossPete Moss – Sim Developer, Unity

MichaelAllarMichael Allar – Founder/Programmer, ForeCourse

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BrianGreenBrian “Psycochild” Green – MMO Wizard,

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DerekLedouxDerek Ledoux – Co-Founder, Dirty Rectangles


Gus2Gus Mastrapa – Writer, Unwinnable (At GDC in spirit)