Flabbergast – Moonlight Drive 9

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    Mark’s Commentary:

    There’s a nod to my childhood and videogames once again on this page – a memory that stems from a single word: “Sock-O.” For some reason I thought it had a hyphen, but after a little research I see it didn’t. I only played the game once. I was at a buddy’s sleepover when we played a computer game called Déjà Vu. It was a point and click adventure game, where you explore a mansion and figure something out – I don’t remember exactly. But I do remember that whenever you clicked to hit anyone, the tiny screen would light up with big blue letters reading “SOCKO.” My friends and I cheered every time we saw it. Any time my buddy came across someone in the game, we would all chant, “Hit them! Hit them!” When he did, we went nuts, shouted “SOCKO!!!” and gave out high fives.