Flabbergast – Moonlight Drive 1

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    Mark’s Commentary:

    As I was working on page one of chapter two, I received the Happyloo books from the printer and noticed I had a slight “trapping” problem. Put simply, “trapping” is when the black line of the art is slightly off on top of the color. This forces tiny slivers of white to show through, sometimes giving the look of a double image. Trapping normally goes unnoticed by the casual reader. I’ve seen worse cases of trapping than in Happyloo, but I knew I couldn’t have it in Flabbergast.

    Now, the trapping was due to the quick and lazy coloring technique I use. Instead of doing it the correct way, I decided to remove the problem. I removed all black ink from my work. So I went back to chapter one and added color to all the black line work, and I was very happy with the outcome. I haven’t used black ink in my work since.

    The name of the bar the crew stops in is the “Rickey Tickey Tavern.” That’s a play on the short story and cartoon movie from my childhood, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. I don’t remember much about the movie – just the name.