John Carmack sells Rage to New Mexican Meth Chefs

You’re all doomed!


The past three episodes of Breaking Bad have had some shocking product placement for John Carmack’s forthcoming videogame Rage. This is no coincidence and its appearance could mean only one thing – Rage will be as good as Heisenberg’s Blue Sky meth.

Shots of gameplay footage can be seen in several episodes. Now, most recently, a box with the word Rage appeared on the show. However, there was no actual cover art on the box, just the title.

A few weeks ago, there was a scene with some of Jesse’s friends passing the rose pipe and discussing videogames. They were analyzing some of the detailed differences between Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4 and the Call of Duty: World at War Nazi zombies. The scene bummed me out, because I knew I could have easily joined in their conversation, but I just wouldn’t want to for fear of association – Jesse’s friends are dirty scumbags and smoke meth. Why do I have something in common with these guys?  I don’t do meth. Alas, videogames are for all kinds of people, people like you and me and also, apparently, tweakers.

I look forward to taking a nice deep hit of Rage and then immediately selling off all my worldly possessions. After I have become a disappointment to everyone I have ever met, I will revel in my life of filth and smoky misery. Only then will I truly know what it is to experience 60 frames per second gameplay. I will forever be chasing that dragon for better visuals and smoother action. I will try not to think about it when giving out hand jobs for five dollars behind some closed fast food chicken restaurant.


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