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  • For a kid who was as into Dungeons & Dragons as I was, you would think I would have had more fantasy board games. When I came upon this article on Retro Junk cataloging so many vintage fantasy board games, well, I admit I was filled with envy.

    I did have Crossbows and Catapults. I don’t recall ever playing it by the rules, though – it generally wound up being an environment for plastic soldiers to lurk in, should the battlefield in the sandbox need a little spicing up (the sandbox didn’t really have much sand in it after a while; creating believable war zones involved the introduction of a lot of gravel, sticks, moss, large stones and greenery, not to mention the occasional stagnant pond).

    It figures that when I finally fill one hole of my childhood, another would get torn wide open. Thanks, Retro Junk – I really needed something else to collect…