Musical Coffee Break that Will Swallow All Your Free Time

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  • If you were anywhere near Facebook or Twitter over the weekend, you may have encountered people talking about Turntable.fm, a new music sharing service that just came out of beta.

    In a nutshell: you join a room, you queue up tracks, you invite friends, you play music together, you crack wise. The site’s library is surprisingly deep but if it they don’t have what you are looking for, you can upload your own tracks. There are some light gameplay elements as well. Everyone can vote on tracks, dancing if they are awesome and skipping them if they are lame. Play enough good songs and you get points, allowing you to dress up in creepy animal costumes.

    Turntable is a fantastic way to interact with people and find new music. I for one have been having a blast just playing music back and forth with friends, something I have not done in an age. A session on the site can easily slip into hours of time passing by – a fact that will put the Internet to the test in the coming days as people focus on spinning tracks rather than doing their work at the office.

    Access to the site is currently limited to people who are Facebook or Twitter friends with someone who already has an account. If you can’t get in, let us know – Team Unwinnable will hook you up.

    Speaking of Team Unwinnable, our weekly editorial meeting ran about three times as long because of Turntable…


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    Welcome to Gulag-a-go-go!

    Peter Michael Lang started playing “You Broke My Heart And I Broke Your Jaw” by Bobby & Silvia

    Stu Horvath started playing “Palisades Park” by The Ramones

    Ian Gonzales started playing “Amateur Hour” by Sparks

    Peter Michael Lang started playing “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” by The Dickies

    Stu Horvath started playing “Broken Glass” by Murder City Devils

    Ian Gonzales started playing “TV Eye” by Iggy & The Stooges


    Charles Moran entered the room.

    Peter Michael Lang: Hi Chuck!

    Ian Gonzales: Get on the table!

    Charles Moran: Watched a lot of Breaking Bad today. It is really like the dark and bleak episodes of Battlestar Galactica, except without the spaceships.

    Ian Gonzales: Break the turntable, son!

    Charles Moran: Just bleak.

    Stu Horvath: What does that have to do with DJing?

    Charles Moran: No idea.

    Charles Moran started playing “Mustapha” by Queen


    Charles Moran: Do you get anything for killing animals in Far Cry 2?

    Stu Horvath: The animosity of your wife?

    Charles Moran: No, there is a herd of zebra here.

    Stu Horvath: Flame thrower. Make them scream their zebra screams.

    Charles Moran: Now the zebras are screaming.

    Don Becker started playing “I’m Deranged” by David Bowie

    Stu Horvath: This music is good for screaming zebras.


    Ian Gonzales: This is like a ’90s AOL chat room, only fun. And less creepy

    MaryEllen Davis: a/s/l?

    Stu Horvath: HAHAHAHAHA

    Ian Gonzales: HAHAHAHAHA

    Peter Michael Lang: HAHAHAHAHA

    Don Becker: 22/F/Malibu

    Charles Moran: Hawt!

    Peter Michael Lang: 16/m wanna chat?

    Ian Gonzales: 52/m/Cleveland

    Don Becker: And now it got creepy.

    Peter Michael Lang started playing “Two Times A Day” by Tiny Tim

    Stu Horvath: OK, no, NOW it is creepy.

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    Charles Moran started playing “Mustapha” by Queen


    Peter Michael Lang: Chuck is really phoning this one in.

    Charles Moran: Oh.

    Charles Moran: I thought I picked a song and then it switched.

    Charles Moran: I am sorry.

    Stu Horvath: Jesus Christ, Chuck

    MaryEllen Davis: Dammit, Chuck!


    Ian Gonzales started playing “Johnny and Mary” by Placebo

    Bogsy entered the room.

    Bogsy: Is this the Placebo I think it is????

    Stu Horvath: As in, Placebo?

    Bogsy: Feist’s band?

    Bogsy: Feist is in this right?

    Bogsy: Wait, which is the song name?

    Stu Horvath: No, Feist isn’t in Placebo

    Bogsy: Fuck.

    Bogsy left the room.

    Stu Horvath: Did that dude really storm out because Feist isn’t in Placebo?


    FI$H entered the room.

    FI$H: What I miss?

    Stu Horvath: Hi Fish.

    FI$H: What up?

    Stu Horvath: Not much

    Stu Horvath: You only missed some really off color humor and some burning zebras.

    FI$H: Yum zebra.



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