Discs of Coffee Break

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  • Remember Read-Along Adventures? One illustrated book. One 7-inch record. One popular movie tie-in. I had a bunch of these – Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark stand out (along with Three Horn the Dinosaur, which wasn’t the same brand but was the same idea) but I had completely forgotten about them until I saw The Haunted Closet post about the TRON Read-Along Adventure. Get your 80s geek nostalgia on!

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    3 thoughts on “Discs of Coffee Break

    1. I loved those, I would play the Star Wars one and act it out at the same time, as if I had friends with me!

    2. TheKm says:

      There is nothing that will make me forget the Gremilns one I had as a kid. Scare the crap out of me.

      And I just saw that there is a repository for all of them: http://www.readalongadventures.com/

    3. Bee Tee Dee says:

      Oh yeah I totally had the Dark Crystal read-along. It was weird to hear that dramatic Trevor Jones score coming out of a Fisher Price record player.

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