Jostle Parent – Flash – Pippin Barr


The Arboretum – Twine – Matthew Burns


Hulk Loves Fabio – Twine – Nina Freeman, Teddy Diefenbach, Big Giant Circles

Jostle Bastard Mod

Jostle Bastard – Flash – Pippin Barr


UN EP – Flash – Ian Snyder


Sacrilege – Twine – Cara Ellison


Back in 2011, Unwinnable made a holiday card that we wanted to make into a game – a short, funny game that could run in a browser and be completed in five minutes or less. The problem was, even though we play games and write about games, we didn’t have a clue how to make games.

Less than two years later, we have Twine and Unity and GameMaker: Studio. The means to make games is in our hands, but just because we have the tools doesn’t mean we know how to use them. While the ability to create games is becoming democratized, the process and method  of designing good games is still largely a mystery. What is it about games like Cart Life and Super Hexagon that makes them so compelling despite being so disparate? What was it like for their designers to design them? Playable aims to answer these questions and more.

To accomplish that, Unwinnable has invited a host of independent videogame developers to make short games for the site. Since Unwinnable is free form when it comes to writing, we thought our game designing guests would appreciate similar freedom, so expect to see our releases range from the experimental to the broken to the tightly polished and even to things outside videogames like board games, rules for party games, storytelling RPGs and whatever else they dream up.

And the games themselves are just the beginning – Unwinnable will be there for every part of the development. Accompanying each release will be interviews, making-of features and more that will explore not just the game but the process behind its creation.

If you are a developer who would like to contribute to Playable, please drop us an email at for more information. Thanks!