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Lists Issue Introduction

This is a reprint of the introduction from Issue #75 of Exploits, our collaborative cultural diary in magazine form. If you like what you see, buy it now for $2, or subscribe to never miss an issue (note: Exploits is always free for subscribers of Unwinnable Monthly). 


When it dawned on Team Unwinnable that this was to be the 75th issue of Exploits, we thought an acknowledgment of some sort was appropriate. Someone suggested we all submit a list that consists of 75 items. To which I said, “No.” That seemed like it would be too much work. Instead, I suggested we collect 75 lists of varying lengths. That seemed like less work at the time. I will never know if I my instincts were correct. I suspect not.

The Rules:

  1. Lists should be two or more items.
  2. Items should be as brief as possible.
  3. The only context should come from the title of the list.
  4. The list should be emailed to me when completed.

There were no limits imposed on subject matter, organization, methodology, honesty or any other topic. I have only edited typos and lightly for style, in the hope of preserving the ambiguities and absurdities inherent to the lists.

Lists, of course, are a central part of existence on the internet, to the point that they are often referred to as listicles, especially in the context of the dark arts of search engine optimization. I don’t need to prattle on about their meaning, omnipresence, importance and lack of importance. You’re smart cats. You already get the joke, and the knowing nods that lurk behind it.

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