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The band U2 plays on a tiny stage just inside the gigantic circular wall of the Sphere, a huge flock of birds projected on its side.

Atomic City: U2 Go Nuclear at the Sphere

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I recently texted this to one of my oldest and dearest friends:

I will never forget that show. I’ll be in assisted living with no idea who my children are, and I’ll still be talking about U2 at the Sphere.

As I showed photos and videos of the concert at the gym a few days later, I went one step further on the assisted living analogy:

“If my grown-up kids walk in, I’ll look at them, confused, and ask: ‘Do I know you from the Sphere?’”

Yes, late last year, I flew to Las Vegas, won $176 on a Willy Wonka slot machine at the Venetian, and saw “U2:UV” at the Sphere, which was both a blast from the past and a rocket ride into the future. I’ve had Achtung Baby practically on repeat ever since, an album I only fully appreciate now, more than 30 years after I first heard it. I’ve also spent the winter traipsing around in a U2-at-the-Sphere beanie hat I bought on Etsy. If I lived in Las Vegas, I wouldn’t be writing this column at all, because I’d be at the show. Again. (And then again.)

In some ways, the Oompa-Loompas dancing and singing at me as bonus Wonka bars opened and my winnings spun ever upward on the souped-up slot-machine screen was the perfect opening act for U2 at the Sphere. Something old and nostalgic (classic Willy Wonka!), something new and thrilling (me actually winning at a casino!). 

The spherical wall behind the tiny blip of the stage supporting U2 is ablaze with an impossible amount of starry red lights.

Something old and nostalgic: The Edge’s ringing guitar as it opens “Where the Streets Have No Name” (albeit in the best quality sound I’ve ever heard at a live concert venue, especially of this size). 

Something new and thrilling: The towering screen behind the band slowly lights up as a red sun rises in the East, illuminating a desert landscape and a flag made of billowing smoke. The 21st Century Spaceship: Earth opens up to sand and brush stretching out to the distant hills and horizon. The word epic feels inadequate. In the brief video clip I took, I can be heard simply saying, “Shit.”

If you don’t like U2, you’re not alone, of course. For me, they were always playing second fiddle to my beloved R.E.M., especially when I used to scrap with my girlfriend in high school over which world-conquering rock band was better. 

All these years later, though, one thing is undeniable: U2 fans are insanely lucky. Decades after their prime, they’re still relevant. R.E.M. broke up 13 years ago, and U2 is, right now, in the midst of a residency opening a mind-blowing venue with a show so good I didn’t give a second thought to flying across the country to see it. 

In fact, it was the best decision I made last year. Maybe my best decision in several. At any rate, when I’m old and barely able to see through my own dim hazy past, I plan to remember this decision and smile. 

Maybe, I’ll remember my decision to have kids, too.


Matt Marrone is a senior MLB editor at He has been Unwinnable’s reigning Rookie of the Year since 2011. You can follow him on Twitter @thebigm.


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