Can I Rent Out a Movie Theater for a Private Watch Party?

Whether you want to host a party or you simply want a private watch party experience, you can rent a movie theater. Reserving a private theater allows you the exclusive chance to spend time with family and friends with all the amenities of the cinema just for all of you.

You can host a private watch party, birthday party, corporate event, reunion, graduation party, retirement party, or any other type of event by renting a movie theater.

Why You Should Rent a Movie Theater for a Party

If you want to watch a movie with some of your closest friends, a private watch party is the ultimate solution. You won’t have to worry about having enough space for everyone to gather either. With a large theater, you can have everyone join in the fun.

You won’t have to clean up after everyone leaves or worry about what snacks to provide. At a private watch party, you can let everyone grab concessions or you can consider catering options. It’s a less stressful way to bring everyone together to watch a new release on the big screen.

What to Look for in a Movie Theater for a Private Watch Party

For your private watch party, a movie theater that has quality auditoriums is the best option. They should also have the best surround sound through Dolby Digital 5.1 and projection quality with 2K and 4K formats for your ultimate viewing experience.

Some movie theaters will allow you the option to show a movie from a DVD, Blu-Ray, or streaming. You can also choose new releases to watch together.

If your NYC apartment is small and not easily accessible, having a private watch party at a movie theater is great for those that need accessibility. They should also have services for closed captioning and accessible listening so you can comfortably include everyone you love.

Don’t forget about the food either! A movie theater with gourmet options beyond popcorn and sodas can make your private watch party more complete. Your guests can grab a cappuccino, craft beer, or wine to sip along with the show.

You don’t need a special reason to throw a private watch party at a movie theater. You could have a girls’ or guys’ night, a family night, or any kind of party with the help of the big screen.

How to Rent Out a Movie Theater for a Private Watch Party

To get started with planning your private watch party, you should contact a NYC movie theater that can host private events. Once you do, you can put your party into motion by making your reservations and reviewing the particulars of your private watch party. It’s truly a wonderful way to do something different and celebrate with your favorite people.


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