Best Movies from the 90’s Everyone Should Have Seen

The 90s were marked for the world’s cinematography by releasing many interesting and exciting films. At the same time, many paintings have become classics in their genre. They are still being reviewed by the audience and retain their relevance. Today, we will tell you about the best films of the 90s that you should watch.


Starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and Gretchen Mol, this film was released by Miramax Films in 1998. The main moral of the movie is that it is much easier for novice gamblers to get hooked on a sweet victory than on bitter defeats.

It is worth noting that many films are devoted to gambling in the cinema. High stakes, luxurious casinos, and excitement – this is what attracts viewers from all over the world.

The protagonist of the film is Mike McDermott. He is no longer a naive beginner, but an experienced poker player who knows how to put everything on the table and leave the casino with multimillion-dollar debts. Mike has a girlfriend, with whom he promised that there would be no more gambling in his life.

But Mike’s life changes when an old friend, Lester, breaks in. All hopes of becoming an exemplary husband, a good father, and a sought-after lawyer go into oblivion. A friend must be saved. Otherwise, he will be destroyed by the people to whom he owes money.

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The film was released in 1990. It became an example of a romantic drama. The famous scene with the potter’s wheel has increased the popularity of this type of craft worldwide.

The movie from the 90’s talks about how banker Sam Wheat dies while protecting his beloved from robbers. But man must stay on the earth because of unfinished business. Therefore, he remains in the form of a ghost. The hero learns that his fiancee is in danger, and he needs to find a way to inform her about it.

An unexpected ally becomes a psychic who is engaged in fraud. She was played by Whoopi Goldberg, who brought the necessary comedic part to this film. The actress managed to get used to the role so well that she even received an Oscar statuette.

The Parent Trap

The movie from the 90’s became a cult for the young Lindsay Lohan – here, the girl played two roles of twin girls at once, unlike each other. Annie and Hallie live entirely different lives and don’t know anything about each other. But everything changes when they meet at a summer camp.

The girls agree to switch places to get to know their second parents temporarily. And then, they devise a plan to get their parents together, so they can live together again.

Romeo + Juliet

Hollywood re-releases Shakespeare’s classic every few years. But the film, where Claire Danes played a young Leonardo DiCaprio, can be called a leader among all the other stories. Who among us does not know the ending of this love drama, but the modern interpretation of the classics deserves your attention.

Home Alone

A cult film that no Christmas holiday is complete without. The movie fascinates me with its atmosphere and simplicity, raising essential relationship topics. The family comedy was released in 1990 but has retained its relevance.

On Christmas Eve, the large McCallister family goes to Paris. But during the training camp, they accidentally forget their youngest son Kevin at home. At first, he rejoices that he got rid of annoying relatives, but then he misses them.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the area with Kevin’s house has thieves, Harry and Marv. They figure out places without people, get inside and take away the most valuable thing. So, Kevin faces an important task – to protect his home from criminals.

Macaulay Culkin starred in the Chris Columbus film. The boy very quickly became famous and gained popularity around the world. Unfortunately, he remained an actor in one role.

Pretty Woman

The romantic movie came out in 1990. It tells about the businessman Edward Lewis, who meets the street prostitute Vivian. Surprisingly, the girl turns out to be very smart and intelligent. She captivates the businessman so much that he does not want to get upset with her.

Interestingly, “Pretty Woman” was initially conceived as a stern lady. But the director considered such a plot would not be attractive to anyone, so he made some adjustments.

The Silence of the Lambs

FBI agent Clarice Starling goes to a secure prison to speak with the maniac Hannibal Lecter. He is accused of murder and cannibalism. The agent will have to speak with the maniac and find out what motives were hidden behind his cruel deeds.

Lecter refuses to speak directly; he communicates in riddles. He also reveals the details of his murders only in response to Clarissa’s stories about his childhood.

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