Creating the James Bond Experience…Without Leaving Home

Is there a more iconic movie character than James Bond? If there is, we don’t know who it could be. There aren’t too many characters that make it to their 20th birthday, let alone their 60th. And Britain’s most famous secret agent hasn’t just made it to 60 — he’s done it with out-and-out style. So it’s little wonder that Bond remains at the top of many people’s “would like to trade lives with” list. Of course, it’s not as if you can begin working for MI5. But there are easier ways to bring a bit of Bond into your life, and you can do so without leaving home. In this blog, we’ll run through some Bond-esque home activities, including getting dressed up, mixing some classy cocktails, and looking at casino bonuses at virtual tables to try your hand at blackjack.

We’re not saying it’s exactly the same as being Bond, but you’ll certainly have fun — and you’ll be a lot safer than 007 normally is, too.

Dress the Part

It’s hard to imagine James Bond not looking a million dollars. We’re sure he must wear some rags when it’s laundry day, but then again, it’s entirely possible that he doesn’t. Having a Bond night at home with friends is your chance to pull out your best glad rags and spend the evening looking as stylish as possible. A tuxedo might sound like overkill when there’s no wedding, but who cares? You can always take a walk around the block if you really want to show your outfit off.

A Classy Meal

James Bond very much knows how to live life well. He’s not eating microwave meals and Coca-Cola; he’s all about those gourmet dishes and fine cocktails. If you’re looking for a way to bring a touch of Bond’s sophistication into your life, look at putting together a classy meal — or, better yet, having one delivered to your home from the best restaurant in town. You can handle the cocktails yourself; just remember that it’s shaken, not stirred.

Testing Your Skills

007 can live life on the edge because, well, he knows how to handle himself. There’s not a single scenario we can think of where Bond finds himself out of his depth. We’ve all seen him skiing in the movies. He knows his way around the slopes because of course he does.

It’s unlikely that you can recreate the Swiss Alps at home, but there’s another Bond activity that’s within reach. Bond is a whizz at the casino table, so why not test your skills by playing online? You’ll get extra cool points if you’re still wearing your tuxedo. Plus, once you’ve got your skills on lock, you’ll be able to jet to some of the best casinos in the world — Monte Carlo, anyone? — and hold your own.

Diving Into Your Backstory

Bond has made it into his seventh decade because of his character development and growth. In the early days, he was an all-out hero. In his later years, he was still a hero, but he became more comfortable showing his sensitive side. The movie Skyfall, for instance, saw Bond dive deep into his childhood. So why not explore your own backstory? Your life journey may not have taken you to all corners of the globe On His Majesty’s Secret Service, but it’ll still be fascinating. If nothing else, it’s always nice to take a little trip down memory lane!

Movie Marathons

At some point or another, you’ll decide that it’s probably time to put the tuxedo back in the wardrobe. But does that mean that the Bond-related fun has to come to an end? Absolutely not — in fact, it’ll just be getting started. Once you’ve channeled your inner Bond, let the real deal show you how it’s done by settling into a James Bond movie marathon — just be sure to pick a couple of your favorites; all 27 movies would be pushing it!

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