Fear of the Dark, Side B

Well, dearest listeners, we’ve come to the end of our first season and Stu and Ed go out with a bang in this too long epic episode covering Side B of Fear of the Dark. It’s the end of an era for Iron Maiden as Bruce Dickinson departs the band for the next eight years and two studio albums, but while this album side is, at best, not great, it closes on a high note with the iconic, titular song.

The episode ends with a shocking reconfiguration of the absolutely definitive album rankings to date, as Stu and Ed realize they’ve made a grievous mistake. Where will things wind up? What are you waiting for? Start the episode already!

Side B
7. The Fugitive|
8. Chains of Misery
9. The Apparition
10. Judas Be My Guide
11. Weekend Warrior
12. Fear of the Dark

Album Personnel

Bruce Dickinson – vox
Dave Murray – guitars
Janick Gers – guitars
Steve Harris – bass guitar
Nicko McBrain – drums

* * *

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