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It isn’t easy to maintain high productivity during a hard-working education process, especially during the tests. Students tend to feel psychological burnout and breakdown. Sometimes it seems that we are not able to cope with difficult tasks that fall on them.

The Social Network

The movie is based on real events and tells us about the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The main character is a young and ambitious student in the long and hard way to success. It is an excellent story about how the #1 social network was created, which gained immense popularity worldwide and forever changed the way how we communicate. If you need college paper help to create a research paper about young entrepreneurs in the US, feel free to reach an online assignment writing company.

The Blind Side

Incredible, but the real story of a homeless Afro-American guy without a family, whose future did not give any hope. I am talking about Michael Jerome Oher, the American football star. This movie tells that every person has a chance to take a step on the blind side of life. When everything goes wrong, you should fight for with all your might. Don’t have time to watch this movie because of homework? Order cheap essay papers online and an A+ assignment with no hassle.

The Bucket List

Two aged men end up in the same hospital room. These are different people both in their worldview and financial status. But the diagnosis of both older men is not good. They didn’t have much time left to live.

Facing death, they decide not to spend the last moments of their lives under the supervision of doctors and make a list of the most important things that they want to do before the end of their lives.

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The Pursuit of Happyness

This drama will not leave indifferent any viewer. This story is about how not to give up in the most challenging times of life. The movie says that even at the very bottom, you should cope with hard life circumstances and radically change everything. More importantly, the film teaches us to remain decent and humane, even in those moments when life brings new challenges.

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Forrest Gump

It is a film in which a person who is not gifted with high intelligence acts sensibly and politely in his life. He loves the world despite all the misfortunes. The multifaceted life of the protagonist leads him through a lot of problems. His innocence and simplicity are the attractiveness of the person. Looking at this, each person sees real genuine value.

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Concluding Words

As we can see, motivation is not something like an irresistible desire. Motivation is an essential need to go towards specific goals. It is crucial to identify your compelling aims to keep perseverance in achieving goals. Crave your ideas and analyze them thoroughly. If they look like what you want to accomplish them without self-deception, you will surely overcome all the barriers.