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How Gaming Millennials Are Forcing Las Vegas’ Hand

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Sponsored – There once was a time when the kid that only excelled at videogames was the pawn. That kid is now the rook, knight or bishop, soon to be king of the most well-known strip on earth. Killing it at videogames used to be frowned upon by the older generations, but the Millennials will be the ones laughing last. From the looks of it, they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

It’s a simple case of out with the old and in with the new. The Las Vegas Review-Journal recently reported that slot machine revenue has decreased throughout Nevada by 5% through the past ten years. These machines were once the lifeblood of the state. They were the fan favorites of Generation Y and Baby Boomers alike, but their appeal has been lost over the years. What Millennials seek is an adventure. A hands-on thrill ride. Something that is a pure skill-based good time.

Enter the videogame take over. A revolutionary shift throughout Vegas casinos featuring live action thrill rides that you can be a part of. The change was subtle at first. Videogame technology found its way into online Vegas, with top slot site Golden Spins betting on 3D technology as its savior. But while it did help transition traditional casino players away from the brick and mortar model, it did little to capture the attention of the Millennial generation.

Although, something can be said for having control of the destiny of your dollar. With the rising prices of pretty much everything in this world, Millennials are far more aware of how much they have in their pocket. Meaning, a game of chance just doesn’t cut it anymore. They need graphics. They need sound and they need to be entertained.

Speaking of which, while slot numbers are down, mobile app download numbers have skyrocketed nearly 90% through the past seven years. Every casino is looking for an edge and these numbers have got them moving in a different direction.

Caesars Palace has announced plans for a new design with player interactivity and social features. Other establishments are looking into eSports lounges and pay to play videogames with viewing areas. The Mirage, MGM and Bellagio are offering play areas that resemble giant smartphones. Right now, gaming visitors can even take home winnings from Street Fighter V.

Videogames weren’t the answer to Vegas’ woes a decade ago. Even five years back, the plan may have seemed fanciful. But today, with so many gamers now of legal age and out in the work force the disposable income is there to back up the trend. So before your next trip to The Strip, pick up the sticks and get practicing. And, if somebody ever tells you that you play too much, you can officially tell them that you’re investing in your future.

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