Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 66 – 3 Score 6

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This week on the show the guys cram a lot in as they were delayed a week due to a snow storm. Ken talks about what he saw at Toy Fair 2016. He met up with our friend Johnny at Uncle Andy’s Toys (Andy Breckman from WFMU), had a great tour with Bif Bang Pow toys, played a fun strategy game called Fourple and got to see the Coleco Chameleon in person. Don along with Ken went to see WWE’s minor league, NXT, in Asbury Park, Gus talks about his hikes in a place where people go to die and Chuck went to see himself on the big screen in the premier of William Hellfire’s Upsidedown Cross. Don is playing Broomball, Ken is playing Mad Max, Chuck has been playing Destiny and Firewatch and Gus is playing The Witness and Destiny. Then we all play, “Do You Care?”

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