The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kasier – Episode 127: 2015 GOTY ShowShow In The FoFo

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    This week we break down our favorite games of 2015 in our annual GOTY spectacular featuring guest panelists Gus Mastrapa, Aaron Hawn, Ken Lucas, and Charles “Merrio” Moran. Get hype!

    GOTY #1: Bus, BART or Bathroom Game of the Year
    GOTY #2: Brodeo of the Year
    GOTY #3: Companion of the Year
    GOTY #4: Liquid Televideogame of the Year
    GOTY #5: Unmentionable of the Year
    GOTY #6: Dunce Cap of the Year

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    GOTY #7: Flannel-Wearing Remember the 1990s GOTY
    GOTY #8: Missed GOTY
    GOTY #9: XCOM of the Year
    GOTY #10: Best Voice & Choice
    GOTY #11: GOTY 2016
    GOTY #12: 2015 Game of the Year

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