Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 56 – Countdown to Geek Flea 9

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Get ready for Geek Flea 9 with episode 56 of Unlistenable. That is some math we can all get behind here.

This week our special guest is Geek Flea 9! We talk about Record Store Day, Geek Flea 9, 90s Industrial Rock, Tokaido, Citizen Blast Kane, Dragon Magazine and we play Do You Care?

Check out Don Becker’s “Montreal Roadtrip,” playlist. Ten songs in 6 hours! Prog rocking!

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Music by Dead Go West with Unacceptable from the album Unwinnable.com Presents Choose Your Own Adventure…Theme.

And Kursse with Hunters Night from the Weirdcraft compilation Switched On Satan.
Featuring the music of Citizen Blast Kane live on WFMU. Find their whole set at Free Music Archive.

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